Name Position Research Areas

Email Username

Tom Muxlow UK ARC Node manager Extragalactic star formation; AGN and jets; interferometry techniques tom.muxlow 0161 27 54108
Gary Fuller UK ARC Node PI & lead scientist Star formation; molecular clouds; astrochemistry gary.fuller 0161 30 63653
Daniel Walker Support scientist Star & cluster formation, Galactic Centre(s) daniel.walker-2
George Bendo Support scientist Dust and star formation in nearby galaxies george.bendo 0161 27 54258
Rob Beswick Adjunct scientist AGN and star formation in nearby galaxies robert.beswick 0161 27 50483
Ana K. Diaz Support scientist Star formation; protostellar jets and disks ana.diazrodriguez  
Anthony Holloway Head of computing Management of computational resources anthony.j.holloway 0161 27 54096
Anita Richards Support scientist Masers; mass loss from evolved stars; star and planet formation; interferometry a.m.s.richards

0161 27 54243

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